Greens - the pyramid structure

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    As described by Liberals MLC Dr Peter Phelps in the Coal Seam Gas Debate

    At the base is the vast majority of people who would be described as ordinary, concerned citizens. They are sincere but ill-informed people who are pulled along by emotion and who know little about the technical aspects of coal seam gas extraction. They believe what they hear in good faith, but at the same time they must rely upon the often tainted evidence of so-called green experts. That is the broad base of the modern environmental movement.

    The middle group are fewer in number and I would call them the lunatics or the activists. They are people who would have a tubal ligation rather than bring another filthy human into the world. They see humanity as a scourge and dream of a great plague that will wipe out 90 per cent of humanity. ......They support alternative energy not in spite of its inefficiency but precisely because of its inefficiency. They seek a lower standard of living for all humanity; they want humanity to make a smaller footprint on the world; they want to force us back into a neo-primitive state where we are all subsistence producers and consumers.

    I turn now to the leadership of the green movement. They are the people who see the environmental movement as a means of achieving socialist control, of course with them in charge. They are the broad-brush Marxists who controlled the peace movement in the 1930s, 1950s and 1960s and the anti-nuclear movement in the 1970s and 1980s and who now have a common cause with The Greens to destroy capitalism. What would replace capitalism? That is the motivation. We have a pyramid structure that creates disinformation. We have the Stalinists, the sociopaths, the suckers, the Marxists, the misanthropists and the misguided.
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