greens hope for four senate seats

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    September 24, 2004
    THE Australian Greens are on track to win as many as four more seats in the Senate, but were unlikely to hold the balance of power on their own, Senator Bob Brown said today.

    Senator Brown, in Western Australia to back the campaign of local hopeful Rachel Siewert, said today the Greens had a chance in every state and the ACT.

    "That is seven all up, put a line through the middle of that and I predict three of four more senators, on top of the two we already have," Senator Brown told Perth radio.

    "(We will not hold the balance of power) on our own, whether it is Labor or Liberal which comes in, it will be a shared balance of power with the Democrats and possibly Family First."

    Senator Brown, who is due to launch the Greens' sustainable agriculture policy in Perth later today, said it was also likely smaller right wing parties, such as Family First, would make their presence felt at the ballot box.

    "I think the preference deals have made it much more likely that some small right wing parties will get into the Senate, and there is a warning here," Senator Brown said.

    "If people want the Senate to be strong, whether there is a Latham or a Howard government being elected, with a strong group of progressive senators, then they need to vote one Green."

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