Greens are still at it

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    After Brexit the Green talking point of removing the vote from older people leaked out.

    Now a Sturt uni guy has gone on 2 gb with the updated version. Young people should get a high weighting of their vote.

    Now it is well known that young people are Greened by our schools. When they leave they log into Green websites, Green media in general. They only receive Green reinforcing.

    So this issue won't go away. Part of the Green ideology is that Greens and Green voters are superior. Many Greens are furious that their vote is equal to those oldies who voted for ON.

    Read more in Animal Farm where the new rulers, the pigs, explained "everyone is equal except that some of us are more equal".

    It must be heart wrenching for the superior man to have to tolerate democracy. Maybe islam has the answers with any number of thugs (future Green brown shirts) and Waleed Aly claiming that voters have "too many freedoms". Warning!
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