greens and nazis

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    Interesting thread on this subject last night, as this was something I had not previously thought about.

    My observations;
    1) Most of my green friends do see themselves as on a mission to save the Earth.
    2) They are peaceful but some are prepared to go to extreme lengths to fight those they see as a danger to the environment.
    3) Their actions and beliefs are emotive first and scientific second. They only support science when it backs them up, and dismiss science when it does not concur with their beliefs.
    4) Most are more concerned about the environment and animal rights than they are about human rights.
    5) Most smoke lots of dope and are not clear thinkers.
    6) Some believe in alien visitors to the planet.

    I see the Green movement as a type of religion whose followers fervently believe they are right and everyone else is wrong. Also, like Islam and some other religions it is their moral duty to save non-believers from themselves.

    I can see how a Nazi type movement could grow from such roots.

    Dave R.

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