Talking about invasion day, Ever noticed 'who' uses the...

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    Talking about invasion day,

    Ever noticed 'who' uses the argrument repetitively about the need to increase population dramatically to support the 'Boomers' in retirement or the country will go broke.

    The business lobby and by extension certain politicians along with certain strong minorities.

    One thing Australia has developed in last couple of decades is a $2.7 trillion super industry, one would suggest the prime source of support for a great % of the 'boomers' in their retirement.

    Talking the pension here not 'middle class' welfare, I know of very few people that have and expectation of Gov support in retirement.

    But they keep on banging on about the 'upcoming disaster' , lets open the flood gates in support.

    Can't help thinking its all about growing and exploiting a market for the few and to a lesser extent the need for 'comfort in numbers' by growing minorities, maybe we should start planning for when the current dominant ethnicity hands over to the next, just a matter of time.
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