Greenpastures was wrong

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    the gradient of the chart decline for ma market price for this june compared to last june is about the same, approx -45 degrees nearly a straight line as was the case last year. Neverthless, if last year was anything to go by, the speculated gradient for the subsequent rise to follow should be greater than +45 degrees, more like +50 to +60 degrees. Last year, the rise was for only 2 months (interupted by September 11 and so on). This year, hopefully, it may last much longer, after all, as at 30th June this year, the market would have made no progress since about 1st August 2001 or 1st June 2001 and if we consider historical perspective, ie the market high in September 1999 of $4-45, the 3 year low was $1-88 on 2/7/01, we have since june 1 this year declined back to only $1-99, add to that expansionary factors over the next several years and we should be targeting ma market price of over $10 or $12 by 2009. Long term market cycle low + stock cycle low = good buying opportunities imho.

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