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    For Hotcopper;

    programming logic;

    If IP address = "serial pest", deny the post.


    Allow the post for reasons to do with freedom of speech in a democracy with subsequent moderation.

    Its that simple except where IP address is dynamically allocated. Oops !!!!!. Cable IP addreses tend to be constant.

    For World Justice

    ps. Down with the World Court (an excuse for significant human rights violations). One step closer to the new world order as presented on the $1 note of United states of America a long time ago. Go to the bank and get a $1 note. Read the latin. There should be riots in the streets over this. Unfortunately too brainwashed (uneducated or overly educated) fools watch commercial tv which in turn is controlled by the mogul participants in the globalisation evil, so no surprise there for the thinking person.
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