Greenpastures right, Analysts wrong

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    What I said today has been supported by XGP index data. Today, XGP index ma price pillar fell further (depite NCP & other bluechip rallies) and at the same time, ma market volume rose slightly (not good), and liquidity rose slightly (not good), and volatility rose slightly (not good). Further SPI traders are not confident either as support levels for the market are under 50%.

    The ideal situation for a rally / boom situation is, ma price rising, volume steady or rising, liquidity steady or rising and volatility steady or rising (but not higher than 2.2). We have not seen that in a very long time. Do not be fooled by NCP rally today. U may live to regret the Bluechip window dressing by ignorant sweettalking &| dishonest brokers & analysts. I am calling it as I see it rather than telling U what "THEY" want U to hear.

    RBA decision was wrong imho. Seems they took more notice of mostly ignorant lobby groups (that don't matter) rather than seeking the truth. Hope I am wrong.

    XGP index = 1312 stocks
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