Greenpastures questions Eddievanhalen's credibilit

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    This is the last time I will reply to Greenpastures on this matter who is firmly on my ignore list. I post this not asking for support from anyone but purely to highlight to Greenpastures why a number of people view him in the same light as Bonkers.............capable of insightful comment but delusional/paranoid.

    For those interested here is the supposed incriminating,discrediting post made by myself ,and I quote directly:

    "Just thinking all the Perth boys/gals have all the many of us are in Melbourne and how many of those would like to catch up for a drink/chat at some stage in the future on maybe a 6 monthly basis........the Melbourne club."...........the "Melbourne Club" being a phrase I coined for the HC members in Melbourne!!!!!!

    which brought the following response from GP on the Powerlan thread in which I made some tongue in cheek predicitons of a negative price target??????????? I can only imagine GP (like Bonkers) is silly enough to hold PWR............why else would he attack me in that thread?? Here are Greenpastures comments:

    "Eddie with associations like the Melbourne Club u are sus imho. Bonkers has gone but u have replaced him it seems"..............and then........

    "eddie your public character and credibility is in question"

    Now I ask you...................who is bonkers here?? I think the post is calling the kettle black.

    BTW Greenpastures............from time to time I get caught up in rubbish such as this but I AM one of the select group who come here with a genuine desire to chat and pass on as much of my knowledge in return for what I receive from others. Why don't you try and do the same?

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