greenpastures big picture index forecast

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    XGP big picture index breakout speculated from 1st July (or up to 3 days earlier).

    ma price weakness this month is minor, (not as bad as last June),

    volumes & liquidity appear to have picked up recently but only in a minor way (2 weeks to go to end of June), more like sideways movement, nothing to write home about.

    ma volatility is at its historical lows again @ 1.017736026 (low volumes) = difficult market for daytraders but also very stable market.

    And for SPI traders, my futures trend line (analysis of market trading activity) has been in decline since the high in November last, but has broken out of its linear average decline of the past 12 months end of May 2002, but is now showing some minor weakness again,

    so overall big picture is not brilliant and the speculated trend up still not confirmed due to June issues and Uncle Sams propoganda. Once all pillars of my index show a green light, might publish some charts.

    Does anyone know how to move the Calendar forward to 1st July? LOL.

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