greenpasture email virus warning

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    Received this email this morning from G.P address ,
    as bit strange as he runs all types of protection software
    So be careful folks
    Dear Sir/Madam

    A virus has been detected in an email sent to you by . Our automated virus scanning software has also notified the sender of this, and has attempted to remove the virus from the infected email, prior to you downloading the email.

    Although our software is the latest available and is updated regularly, we can not guarantee the successful detection of all viruses, and can not accept any responsibility for viruses received by you.

    Unfortunately, our helpdesk is not designed to assist with queries relating to viruses, but primarily to deal with Internet problems, however we do have several trial version anti-virus packages available for download from our software vault at

    We recommend that you speak to someone at your local computer store about what anti-virus software is best for you.

    Further information on viruses can be found at


    The WestNet Team

    Detected Virus Information:

    Email data:
    MessageID: <[email protected]>
    From: greenpastures777
    To [email protected]
    Subject: Sos!
    Scanning part []

    Scanning part []
    Virus identity found: W32/Klez-H

    Virus identity found: W32/Klez-H

    Scanning part []

    Scanning part []

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