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Greek debt is monopoly money ...

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    Greece was lent vast sums of fiat money, created out of thin air and backed by nothing, by banksters who knew Greece would never be able to repay the debt.

    The favoured solution of the banksters is for Greece to be "bailed out" with even more debt - to be basically a serf nation.

    There is absolutely NO reason for the Greek people to suffer with draconian austerity measures in a futile attempt for Greece to repay this ever increasing debt. at their expense

    All Greece has to do is say, "NO," as the new Government is currently doing.

    We're all meant to believe there is serious substance behind all the discussions going on about Greece's debt - as if this fiat money, created out of thin air and backed by nothing actually has intrinsic value.

    What a joke!

    The simple reality is if the EU wants to bail out the banksters, or make Greece debt free it can be accomplished in a just a few seconds by a few entries into a computer. It's that simple really, when we are dealing with fiat money - money created out of thin air and backed by nothing.
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