BUL 7.14% 5.2¢ blue energy limited

great were screwed not compeletly though

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    During the period, Primebroker Securities Limited “Primebroker”) was placed into receivership by ANZ Bank. A consequence of the receivership was the seizing of 113,525,219 Blue Energy Limited shares provided by primebroker as security for loan facilities.
    The Company has been endeavouring to work with the Receiver to ensure an orderly realisation of the secured shares is

    Thats some pretty weak language.."endeavouring". Sounds like ANZ are a little impatient in trying to find a buyer and are just about to give it up cheaply with Blue disagreeing on the price? Well thats what I read into "endeavouring". Previous language has been working closely with etc.. It now just sounds like the horse is bolted and they are doing their best to try and catch it up. Any thoughts?

    I think this was the only downside in the entire report. The deal with Stanwell is really going to boost BUL, especially when carrying out a reserve certification campaign on 814. These recent drill figures are unbelievably awesome results! They are going to be able to conserve a significant amount of capital and look like they are fully carried through the development of 854 which should allow them to use there capital to develop 814 and further explore 813. Certainly sounds like 814 West is the companies next target for developing shareholder wealth.

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