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great product graet potenial $$

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    If this company can get it all together which they are doing this product that they have will be a huge money earner.Anything to do with water treatment is the next best thing.The MEPi system is the only integrated system accredited by the international maritime organisation so they must have something good.Carnival Shipping lines (one of the worlds largest shipping groups) has recently committed to installation of the MEPi System on all of their passenger liners.Huge potenial and has a much larger and broader scope.Read the announcements on 09/04/03 and 15/08/03.This will have a great run. I said that gel will run in september and it has .I was telling people to get in when you could get it below .02 cents, and people that did made money.MUL,AFT, OCO,SWT ,same thing .OPM is next in my opinion,but read the reports and sell yourself on it,get in early ,sit and when everybody then realises the potential you will be making some good gains. I believe this can go to at least .05 cents before December (my view only,but look at what AFT has done.)This will do the same soon. good luck.
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