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great post badfish

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    This is from "Badfish" on another forum, hope you don't mind me posting this mate???

    Great post - Can anyone state to me the chances of these figures being achieved?????


    Probably timely to bring this one back up to the top of the pile.

    BSH has provided a very good summary below but lots of things have happened in the interim. The BFS is due for release in the next 2-4 weeks and it seems that this is creating a bit more interest than has been evident over thh past few months.

    A number of other positives have occured recently. Directors have announced:

    - agreements for the purchase of all of the Tantalum to be produced under the initial production capacity,

    - a change in the plant design to increase the initial capacity and subsequently they are looking for more offtake agreements for this additional production,

    - a doubling of the expected Tin revenue for the project based purely on increased Tin prices,

    - the addition of the Nuweibi project (about twice the size of the Abu Dabab resource)

    - the acquisition of 9 gold and copper exploration licences in Egypt.

    - a Listing on AIM (Alternative Investment Market) a component of the London Stock Exchange.

    The 21 April announcement that talked about doubling of Tin revenue also explained that when all of the new figures were plugged back into the original scoping study, the Abu Dabab project alone had an NPV of US$185m at a discount rate of 6% with an IRR of 49%.

    In simple terms this means that if the BFS shows that the project is workable then they are sitting on a resource worth about A$265m. With about 183m shares on issue (fully diluted) this makes the Abu Dabab project alone (50% share to GIP) worth about 71c per share.

    Getting real blue sky (adding in the Nuweibi project) and GIP shares could be worth more than $2 in a few years. Not bad for a share currently trading at about 8.5c.

    All this is speculative of course but a positive BFS means that is can be done economically and should make it possible for GIP to realise some of this potential.


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