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great opening coming

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    "Wrong, Iv'e seen enough rorts to last me three lifetimes, and people like you will find that out, over 80% of the spec end directors are full on crocks--seen it all before--come back to me in six months"

    Thats your statement Andy, well guess what, we are back after six months and the share price has doubled.

    Every one please dont post under his thread. What a horrid subject to wake up to. He now has your attention. And lets all pretend that he is smarter than Gavin Wendt or all the other brokers that have written up good reports to help us investors to make money while they make money. Your one smart cookie Andy, I have read your posts, your lack of intelligence shines through honey

    I bought ext 3 years ago and those shares are in front and I bought ext 8 weeks ago and those shares have nearly doubled. I bought ext 2 weeks ago and those shares are up 9 cents. Hmmmmm Let me tell you all, Andy bought KSX at .14 and rode them up to 28 cents and sold at 15. No wonder he is bitter. He probably has lost money to other projects that Peter has put his hand to, such is life, you cant win them all. Of course along with many other stocks if you care to have a laugh and follow his posts

    You only feed his poor broken down ego posting under his name. He does this on every single stock he posts on that he doesnt own.

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