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    A colleague inMogadishu telecommunications advises
    that the the agreement held yesterday at Mogadishu is the probably the best groundbreaking news for a major breakthrough in peace and future stability in Somalia.The talks to take place in Khartoum will unite
    the waring parties and succeed in the withdrawal of Ethiopian military forces.There is no doubt that the
    trade association will fund the backing of the Union
    to eventually seek progress and stability in Somalia.
    The future for range has never been more positive in this once most volatile place on earth that has more natural resources than Australia.I was surprised to learn there is also a number of drilling rigs in place
    throughout Puntalnd blocks and should not be long before they are pumping away.The negotiations with rrs over the past 18months have place themselves in a most predominant position with their joint partnership with the Pntland government.Think about the whole scenario of what has been achieved to date and ask yourself why would range go all this way for nothing
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