great news for xanadu

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    Xanadu Wines Limited’s Next Generation Wines (NXG) Vinfive is the NUMBER ONE selling
    brand in the UK Multiple Specialists for the months of May and June, according to recent
    AC Nielson data.
    NXG Vinfive’s ‘bi-monthly’ marketshare of total multiple specialist sales is equal 4.1% and is
    ranked NUMBER 1, ahead of major Australian and international brands.
    In terms of Multiple Specialists, NXG Vinfive is now ranked NUMBER 17 on an MAT basis, in
    branded sales. The brand has been listed with one major specialist for 14 months and is
    working closely with two others to secure listings in early 2004. NXG Vinfive has had strong
    sales across all price segments - £3.99, £5.99 and £7.99, demonstrating the consumers
    willingness to trade-up through the brand.
    “This is fantastic result for this young, vibrant brand,” said Managing Director and CEO
    Andrew Moore. “We have 40,000 cases currently on the water or in the system and another
    50,000 cases are planned and ordered for Christmas 2003. NXG Vinfive has grown from
    40,000-160,000 cases in the last financial year,” Mr Moore added.
    Since this research was released, NXG Vinfive has gained another two listings in a major UK
    supermarket and two new listings in two supermarkets in Ireland, with strong Christmas
    campaigns and programs planned in all distribution points. These latest listings rank the
    brand at number 57 th of all brands in multiple grocers and growing. “We plan to be in the
    Top 50 at the next bi-month presentation,” Mr Moore said.
    Since purchasing South Australian-based wine producer NXG in August last year, sales have
    continued to increase exponentially. Recently launched in Australia, the brand has already
    been well received, with solid distribution and strong domestic sales in this new financial
    Mr Moore said “On the back of a strong launch of the Xanadu brands into the US eighteen
    months ago, our Normans brands are set to experience the same success, with a first order
    of more than 8,500 cases recently shipped. The success of the NXG and Normans brands,
    combined with the growth of the Xanadu brands both domestically and in the US, means that
    for the first quarter of this financial year, our sales are currently tracking 60% up on the
    corresponding quarter for last year.”
    “This is a great result for Xanadu and a very positive start to the new financial year. We look
    forward to continually building our brands as well as developing and maintaining solid
    relationships with our distributors,” Mr Moore added.

    My thoughts: It looks like French wines are losing market share and Australian wine companies could be benifiting. (I wonder why? ;))
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