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    Great work Crashy....Its very satisfying to get the market right and also play it successfully. Takes some doing.
    Hope it makes up for all those bummer months that I'm sure you've had to go thru to get to where you're now.
    My month not nearly so good.

    July written calls that gained:
    WMCtn In @16 out @ 14
    QANqk in @20 out @ 6

    July written puts that gained
    TLSsc in @ 15 out @ 6

    July written calls that lost
    NCPqe in @ 39 out @ 60

    Current open pos
    CSRqd short call; in @30 mkt now 15

    Didn't extract all that bear juice that was on offer this time ... well there"ll be another month like this in the next year or so. Its a bit like fishing. You can go down for weeks on end and get hardly anything and then ..bang one day all hell breaks loose and you get enough to feed the whole street for a week.

    PS By the way I thought you got out of those NAB 32 calls bought @170 and took a $1400 loss or have I misunderstood your post of several days ago.

    Good fishin in August!!
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