LRL 0.00% 1.2¢ leyshon resources limited

great buy.

  1. 1,775 Posts.

    The jorc update wont be far away,
    LRL said It would be late feb.

    So my guess Is, If not tomorrow, then next--- monday
    --- maybe, the only thing that can hold the ann up is
    the labs.

    I have continually bought at between 58 & 67.5 Cents
    I now have a reasonable holding, and will continue to
    accumulate at these prices, it is my good fortune that
    people keep selling.

    All the faithful will benefit in the short term, but
    the LONG-TERM is the key.
    All the news that has previously been released, and the
    reports out of the UK are very positive.

    The Chinese are going out of their way, as in to assist
    in making this company a success.

    The other bonuses are.
    1. COST per $ to mine.
    2.Silver credits a bonus.
    3.Zinc credits a bonus.
    4.Management is switched on.
    5.Shareholders win.
    6.We all profit greatly.

    Regards SIMROSE.
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