Grattan Institute Retirement Thesis

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    I looked at the calendar after watching Tues nights The Business re the Grattan Institute ( Labors think tank )  ..nope its not April Fools Day...

    According to John Daley ? from Grattan Institute

    People will earn too much super in future to at least 91% of salary.......


    the govt should increase the retirement age

    forgo the extra self  contributions like salary sacrifice , concessional and non concessional contributions

    do not have any sort of indexation ..that is tax the elderly more when they get older

    scrap the increase of the Super Guarantee rise from 9.5 to 12.5 %

    What about the lower paid worker and woman who have little super says Elyses Morgan...who cares he says ! they are used to

    living in poverty

    BUT we will give them rental assistance...

    I wonder where this rental assistance will come from ?...perhaps taxing the elderly 90yr olds as they dont need the money ??!!!!

    I am in disbelief here ....

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