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    Good morning
    Great news for the motorist that there will not be a carbon tax on petrol.
    This is becoming a farce. The Greens are becoming just like the other political parties saying one thing today and doing the opposite today.
    I have read the National Geographic June edition regarding Chine becoming green. On page 126 it gives a graph of the increase in power consumption that China is going to have and the reliance on coal is going to increase by 70%. Therefore double its pollution. I know somebody has to make a stance on climate change, but why does it have to be the minnows. If we were to reduce say 50% of our carbon footprint, then the world contribution to carbon from us would be 0.002%. While the others be doubling there pollution our impact will be zero.
    I have lost faith in the so called enviromentalists grandstanding. For example China, the U.S., India I believe said we did not start climate change, the third world countries and developing countries who are not even trying to be responsible. They would make better inroads to countries that dont give a damn instead of punishing the others. You punish them because the changes they do becomes insignificant when the big polluters will not reduce there pollution.
    I would like to see statistics properly interpreted and disclosed to us, i.e. how much carbon is produced by the agricultural industry and cattle industry for instance. I am not having a go at them, just that we are providing food to the rest of the world. Are they trying to tell us stop feeding the populace so we can reduce carbon? I just find this disappointing that this serious matter is being used for political grandstanding.
    Maybe they should stop subsidising so many companies that are making huge profits and direct the subsidies into green energy projects. I thought the subsidies are to give you a leg up not to prop up your profit. What a ripoff. We are being treated like mugs.
    I am not a supporter of any legal party they move the goal posts around to suit themselves. Same as independents, I believe they all grandstand. The political system has to change and get this country run by people who know what there portfolio is all about, not have a stack of advisors, what a joke.
    If there is any doubters out there stop doubting, climate change is for real. It has been here since the beginning of Earth. Mother nature is trying to do a balancing act on this planet. We are just making it harder for ourselves. If we could get the big polluters(countries) not just Hazelwood to conform how much better of we would be. So the Environmentalists can go and get there act together and go where the real problem is.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend
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