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    I have been in GDP for some time and have seen it fall from around $2.50+ to $1.50 over the last few months. I think it was propped up earlier in the year so that the $2.50 options would be exercised (which they were) and since then (February) its been coming off. At $1.50 - $1.60 there was big selling (as people's stops were hit I guess), and then buying support came back in with some fairly big volume. The rise from there has been incemental on small volume (i.e. there are few sellers). As a holder I have bought back in at around $1.70 and I guess other holders are doing the same as it then looked cheap and and it had clearly bottomed.

    In terms of news, I understand that the trials with Aventis-Boering (proof of principle in scale up of Gradipore system to industrial application) that started in January are due for completion by June so there may also be some buying ahead of an announcement.

    All based on my research and interpretation - make your own decisions.

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