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Government to Government discussions

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    Apart from the state government of South Australia or the Federal Government here, I firmly believe that US Government and Oz Government will also be in similar discussions and may be taking place at the same time?

    The US would be looking at this as a non proliferation issue, or a Nuclear Security issue, because if they can set up two areas, one for the Northern Hemisphere and one for the Southern Hemisphere, where all used nuclear fuel will be accepted and recycled and the recycled LEU is then supplied back to those countries from where it came from, possibly at a cheaper price as well, this would negate the need for any other country to build any enrichment plants, it would also mean that the Plutonium from the used nuclear fuel would not stay in any other country where it could be reprocessed for use in nuclear weapons.

    And I also believe this is taking place at this very time because they now have the technology that enables this to be done, it is GAME CHANGING!
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