Government Brings Back TPVs

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    Skynews 25/09/2014

    The Federal Government is reintroducing TPVs to clear a backlog of 30,000 asylum seeker cases.
    Immigration Minister Scott Morrison introduced legislation to Parliament on Thursday that will create more rapid processing and streamlined review arrangements.

    The measures are expected to have the support of the PUP in the Senate,ensuring their passing through Parliament.
    The legislation provides for fast tracking of asylum seeker claims and to speed up removal of people who aren't owed protection.

    It will also create a new visa class known as safe haven enterprise visa.

    References to the UN refugee convention will be removed from the Migration Act and replaced with new provisions
    that articulate Australia's interpretation of its protection obligations under the convention.

    Children born in Australia to asylum seeker parents will be treated as unauthorized maritime arrivals.This will help ensure that the tap stays off and we never return to the cost,chaos and tragedy that Labor and the Greens created, Mr Morrison said.

    TPVs were created initially by the Howard Government in 1999,but abolished by the Rudd Government in 2008.
    Unlike with bridging visas,holders of TPVs will have the right to work.They will also have access to medicare and social security benefits.The visas will be issued for up to 3 years.

    The new safe haven visas,valid for 5 years will be open to asylum seekers now within the processing case load.
    They will encourage people to live in regional areas and fill job vacancies

    Access to the Refugee Review Tribunal will be closed off to discourage unmeritorious claims.

    More brilliance from Scott and putting the UN on the sidelines is also a big advancement in putting AUSTRALIA FIRST.
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