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    Some may be aware of the problems I have had with Commsec's Pro-trader system. These losses have cost me significant dollars.
    Yesterday for example, the protrader software was hanging for about half an hour and I could not get a critical sell order through. I also tried to call their phone trading line but got disconnected the first 4 times. I called back again and asked for tech support as it seemed to be the only way to talk to somebody. By the time I got off hold Pro-trader was working again.
    I had an arguement with one of their supervisors who claimed the problem was with my internet service provider and thus I was ineligible for compensation. I tried to explain to him that other aspects of Pro-trader still work(eg Market Depth, Course of Sales, headlines) when the ordering is failing but he basically called me a liar. I sent a fax to their complaint department requesting to be contacted ASAP but as of yet I still have no response.

    This afternoon I had a similar failure(although less time critical) and fortunately I had my video camera at hand and have several minutes of constant footage that clearly shows that the order system sitting there saying "Processing" while the other windows are updating in the background. I also show that other programs such as HC are still working so there is clearly nothing wrong with my computer or internet connection.

    I wonder what excuse they'll try this time?
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