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got to agree with cefadog

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    Re Drilling problems ;
    may be recent rains affected thatr type of soil a bit,,
    Have to agree with the bulls on this one. Cfadog I do not know u but I am just as bullish as you.
    There is no reason to believe that the part of Kalkaroo that was drilled is any better than the rest 95% that has yet to be drilled.
    If mgnmt do what I think they might, they will drill one whole at the 10 or so locations right around the dome that aeromags depict to be mineralised, pick the richest grade, then do extensive drilling around it then.
    If they hit more than 2% Cu (equivalent) on any of these holes, it must go to $3 just on one hole IMO.
    We are in for a big ride.

    Please do own research. I may have it wrong,
    consult with someone who understands mining . financial advisor etc.
    Do not buy on my opinion without checking with experts
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