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gooooooooood mooooooooorniiiiiig angola...

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    Don't you just love the smell of napalm in the mornings?

    So what will today bring...more procrastination, tentative positioning, fear induced relinquishment of decent positions...or indeed, a trading halt?

    Been a rather interesting journey thus far, which for all intents and purposes, appears to have bought us to the top of a rather rugged and somewhat treacherous mountain...but now we are here, what sight will likely befall us?

    Have we in fact reached the top, or have we simply scaled yet another ridge, that from below looked like it may be the summit?

    Decent reward is rarely handed out for little effort...from all parties concerned mind whilst the crew at CVI have clearly been putting in the yards of late, I wonder how hard their shareholders have been working at showing the sort of support (read self control) that is good for the company?

    Not many I suggest...and this goes for a few insiders I suspect.

    Anyway, it will all be water under the bridge shortly!

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