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Google Chrome phone

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    Watch a presentation of Vonex’s latest developments

    Tim G Vonex Staff

    It is currently in production with a select group of partners. For those Partners, the extension is available to download inside the Google Chrome extension store.
    The team is currently working on a small set of feature additions before making the Chrome extension generally available.

    Tim G Vonex Staff

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the video. Beta’s could run forever, as you know, software is never really in a state of ‘Finished’. If this was the case, why would Apple release new versions of their iPhone, or the operating system, iOS?
    The demo was filmed using the version of the extension that is available currently for our partners. At this point in time, the plugin is only for Google Chrome. The Google Chrome extension works on Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows and has been tested with Fedora and Ubuntu as well (using the official Google Chrome repository, we are not targeting Chromium, although it should work).
    Firefox is in the process of doing a major change to the way that extensions work in the browser, so we are going to wait until that becomes available so that we can use the new method straight out of the gate for Firefox. (For the technical people, the new browser extension API is called WebExtensions (external link), and is very similar to the Blink extension API, which is what is used in Google Chrome.)
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