good to see someone making money in NCPDP, 20k @$4

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    Gee that really aligns directors interests

    if they can keep the price over $5 they have even greater remuneration. for the brilliant job they have done and the outstanding return to shareholders seen recently

    $26 ---> $9.8

    thanks for nothing

    Name of Entity
    News Corporation Limited (The)

    ACN or ARBN
    40 007 910 330

    We (the entity) give ASX the following information.

    You must complete the relevant sections (attach sheets if
    there is not enough space).

    1. Class of securities issued Preferred Limited Voting
    or to be issued Ordinary ("Preferred") shares

    2. Number of securities issued 20,000 preferred shares
    or to be issued (if known)
    or maximum number which
    may be issued

    3. Principal terms of the securities Existing securities
    (eg, if options, exercise price
    and expiry date; if partly paid
    securities, the amount
    outstanding and due dates for
    payment; if convertible securities,
    the conversion price and dates
    for conversion)

    4. Do the securities rank equally Yes
    in all respects from the date
    of allotment with an existing
    class of quoted securities

    If the additional securities
    do not rank equally, please
    * the date from which they do
    * the extent to which they
    participate for the next
    dividend, (in the case of
    a trust, distribution) or
    interest payment
    * the extent to which they do
    not rank equally, other than
    in relation to the next
    dividend, distribution or
    interest payment

    5. Issue price or consideration (a) $4.79

    6. Purpose of the issue (if (a) 20,000 shares issued
    issued as consideration for pursuant to the Executive
    the acquisition of assets, Share Option Plan
    clearly identify those

    7. Dates of entering securities (a) 19 June 2002
    into uncertified holdings
    or despatch of certificates
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