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good time to........

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    BUY or SELL???????

    reminds me of times about a week either side of the
    01/08/03....go back and look at the charts.

    The first announcement WILL come, and stuff all you guys up!!!!!

    I reckon right now is perfect buying op.
    This contract regarding our step into commercialisation is just around the corner......dont be fooled with frosty's selling antics, I can assure you he is buying them back, I believe he is pickin em up under his other here has 2 or 3 dont they????? why cant the snowman!!!!!!

    Anyway, chose to BuY and SELL on your own accord, but you would have to be game to get out now........IMO..

    Time is going to prove me right.....lets see

    Good luck holders......stay positive, it has had a good run on no news, so retracements are inevitable

    The cahflow biotechs are the ones that will just have to believe the SLT story and you will be rewarded.


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