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    10 July 2007
    Gonzalo Valencia
    Adviser, Issuers By email only
    Australian Stock Exchange Limited
    Melbourne VIC 3000
    Dear Gonzalo
    I refer to your letter of 9 July 2007 noting a change in the price and trading volume of shares in Republic Gold
    Limited (the Company) for the period 5 July 2007 to date.
    Other than the observation that the recent and heavily oversubscribed capital raising pursuant to the Company’s
    Rights Issue for Investors is known to the market, resulting in the Company being in a strong financial position
    and using the numbering in your letter, we respond as follows:
    1. The Company is not aware of any information concerning the Company that has not been announced
    which, if known, could be an explanation for recent trading in the securities of the company.
    2. This question is not applicable given our response to Question 1.
    3. At this time the operating result for the company for the full year ended 30 June 2007 is not expected to
    vary from the previous half year by more than 15%. However any variation would not be unusual for
    an exploration company.
    4. The Company does not have any reason to think that the Company will record any material abnormal
    or extraordinary items for the full year ended 30 June 2007.
    5. The Company does not have any explanation for the price change and increase in volume of trading in
    the securities of the Company.
    6. The Company is in compliance with the listing rules, in particular listing rule 3.1
    Yours sincerely
    Roslynn Shand No signature – sent electronically
    Company Secretary
    Republic Gold Limited
    For personal use o
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