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Good News

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    No I'm not stopping posting on SSN...

    For the month of May WBS select averaged $48.64/Bbl and the differential to WTI has narrowed to $7.31/Bbl. WTI average for May was $55.95

    So from a steady differential of $13.70 in Q4'14 dropping to $12.81 for Q1'15 it has continued down to $10.10 in Apr and now $7.31 for May.

    The good news is of course this will automatically increase SSN's Cash Margin, which if production is kept as per Apr Ops Advisory and LOE has dropped as per Q1 then estimate of Cash Margin is about $19.50/Boe (going off index as realized price and no hedging effect). By my quick sums approx $1M has been "earned" in Cash (assuming production steady) for April & May.
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