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Good News From Bad

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    British Ebola worker has Needle stick injury.
    As our Unitract syringe sits idle and Pharmas resist our best in the world technology against Needle stick injuries, this injury again puts safety syringes in the spotlight with world health authorities
    In my opnion the problem is this
    When suited up in layers of protective clothing at present your got to use either an unprotected staked needle syringe or a clumsy syringe with all types of add ons to comply with safety laws, but not necessarily offering maximum protection.
    BD has a safety syringe that has problems. The force needed to activate the retraction inside the body can cause pain and injury for the patient and BD stated best method is to retract outside of body, whilst keeping it away from oneself to prevent blood splatter getting on yourself but then allowing that bloodsplatter to be atomised into the surrounding environment, which is not ideal for an infectuous disease like Ebola and others.
    UNIS holds the solution.
    Because it appears that syringe manufacturers can use clip- ons until our patents expire, I have recently suggested to UNIS that they donate the Unitract technology to the world, and get syringe users used to using the worlds best and most safest
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