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    US to review military forces in Asia-Pacific

    Defence Minister Senator Robert Hill says the United States is to make significant changes to its military forces in the Asia-Pacific.

    Senator Hill says the US will renew the force structure it has had in Asia for 50 years.

    He says the force structure review will make the US military more potent and better able to help allies in the Asia Pacific.

    "The process will take time, but it will result in significant changes to the current security architecture in the Asia-Pacific region," Senator Hill said.

    "It will place more responsibility on US alliance partners to contribute to their own security and stability more broadly.

    "But far from signalling a reduction in US strategic engagement and reach, in my view it will yield a more flexible, responsive and potent US force posture."

    Senator Hill says to strengthen strategic dialogue, Australia, Japan and the US now have regular trilateral talks.
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