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    RIO plans to flood the market with lithium to get the prices down even further. They did this once before with BHP to get the iron ore prices down which sent many of the juniors to the wall. This looks like a repeat performance.

    FMG looking at 4 lithium mines in todays press release which can be found on their web site and the asx site.

    These bigger companies can pump it out far faster and cheaper than PLS, Galaxy etc...

    I see these juniors not surviving longer term. Price set to fall by half in the next 3 years according to Morgan Stanley.

    Morgan Stanley predicted this late last year that over supply would see prices dive.

    Yes more electric cars are coming to the market BUT not as fast as expected so this adds to an over supply over the next 3 years.

    PLS at 49c today. Down another 5 to 6 % and this likely to go on for some time now.

    PLS already stated they are not selling in the months of June and July while they make repairs.

    China big new super mine means they no longer need to buy from us. That is a game changer.

    Always found it odd that PLS only have two markets for their products. Why not Europe where most of the electric cars are.

    US wants lithium too.

    Mexico has a huge amount of lithium just waiting to be dug up too.

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