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    This was posted by somebody else on another forum:A lot of work programed. Final drilling of hole 1 which was held up due to water and need for diamond tip drill which was unavailable. Andrew now has it on track for early Dec(and he's done well to get it then!!) This hole is believed to be one of the "best" and should give encouragement for further holes nearby after down hole em's completed. Drilling results, as everyone should know, are completely backlogged by exhausted assay facilities.
    Hopefully the results should be known soon. I don't have any knowledge of the indications but am told they are "encouraging".
    Next round of extensive drilling by jv syndicate is booked for early Jan.
    Also, just quietly, there could be a chance of an early new years present in the form of another project!!!!!!!!!
    Enough for now
    Awaiting Halcyon Days ahead.
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