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good morning angola

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    Thanks to tallmantim's link to my site I can record my very first Angolan visitor. Now who do we think we have here reading CVI posts on the HC website. It wouldn't be the new chairman, Mr Manuel Africano by chance?

    Is that you Manuel? As you are a HC member would you like to make a few comments on how you feel CVI is going. If we post questions here on HC can you provide answers.

    On the other hand if that is not Manuel then please can you confirm that you are just somebody else in Angola who likes to read about CVI on the HC website. It must make fascinating reading for you. Maybe you could tell us what part of Angola you live in and we could ask you to see if there is a drill rig or two hanging around.

    Apart from reading the HC posts I notice you spent just over half an hour reviewing documents and links on my site. Just for you (and others) I will be loading more interesting documents over the coming weeks and maybe you can comment on those.

    I really do welcome you to HotCopper and hope you make a contribution.

    For those that are IT savy a snapshot of my Angolan visitor.

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