Good luck Tony

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    Elected to clean up Labor's six-years of damage fiasco - ABbott this morning puts his head on the chopping block.

    The media have orchestrated this impasse - their Left wing ranks full to the brim with hate, spite, and ideological resentment.

    If the public are THIS stupid - that Shorten now is preferred leader by 18 points - then let him go on and win - what I say - or anyone else for that matter, is just a waste of breath on here.

    The Left brick wall of Comradely solidarity, Labor, propped up by idiot even more Left Greens (Labor's mates - recall the Gillard/Brown "marriage"?) - is sitting on the sidelines breathless with delight - for it is they who have stalled blocked, sabotaged, stopped and traitorously stymied any and all attempts by the elected LNP government to bring in remedial legislations and get them through the Senate. Shorten could have done this - We who love truth know it - but truth in Australian politics is dying, almost dead. Bet Shorten can't believe his luck.

    As for the raggle taggle alleged outright traitors - these handful of Senators voted in by miniscule votes from deluded idiots, former nobodies who suddenly find themselves (in their own minds) rich and "famous" - I hope Karma catches up with them.

    They also block, stop, stall, and sneer - seeing themselves as all powerful - holding this nation to ransom.

    And the ABC - they are no patriots. Wall to wall Left, Far Left, and Communists. Abbott came in - with the best of intentions - these people block his every move - and HE'S the one pilloried.

    I don't like Aussies much, any more. For what have we descended into - dog eat dog lying, vicious hatreds, and totally Machiavellian lying and plotting.

    Like him or not, personally, or politically, Abbott has GUTS!

    Seems to be a quality sadly lacking in most of our politicians. Such GUTS!

    Shorten get's in? He, I predict, now guffawing into his hanky, in delight, hiding away in some back room.

    God help Australia. People will come to rue THAT day. But the stench and stink and giant mess of returning Labor will be well back in place again. And who will be the next "Knight" into the lists - to try and clean up the foulness?

    As Pickering says, see his latest for full version - (quote) - "at present we're seeing unelectable dolts like Daniel Andrews getting voted in" - he also mentions the Qld Premier in waiting in the same vein. Can never recall her name.

    Nothing more to say.

    Once electors chose the Government. Now it's the media - and the armies of their Leftist acolytes and sycophants. This is NO democracy. Media invents, media concocts, media rules. And people - faces buried in phones. Art of conversation dead. Our kids grunt, not converse. What have we come to? Yes, media rules the roost. This almost entirely LEFTIST media. And kids coming through schools and Unis - totally brainwashed, by Leftists. Their social media comment on various blogs totally putrid in content.

    And I haven't even started in on talking about the spider's web of Bill Shorten's "Get Up!" Which I allege is just an unoffical extra arm of this vilest of Party/Mix COmrades - this skulking Labor/Greens. Beavering away in the background. This whole overall EVIL combo - trying to (allegedly) bring an elected Government down. And, it seems, succeeding.

    So thanks Tony Abbott. For having the guts - to come out - and stand, however forlornly, however reviled by the vicious and ignorant, against this putrid rabble. I include these maverick Senators in that assessment - rabble. Shorten getting off this, entirely scot free. When HE is the major problem. And he's "popular??"

    Good luck Tony Abbott, Whatever happens - I admire your tenacity and guts.

    A few good men? Very few of them - I suggest. Most, all out for themselves, whatever their field of enterprise.
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