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    BDL does this every now and then...

    I actually like the company and given the current resources boom, they should be dong well. Problem for me is that I have been stung several times...I have had 8 trades for 2 wins and 6 losses with them, so once bitten...

    When they re-listed, several of the bigger holders bailed and put their money into ASL, which of course did really well. So I suggest you watch the "substantial holders"...would be interesting to see if some of the money is coming back from ASL.

    From memory, the convertable notes (BDLG's?) are the safest for long a long term investment...anything under 5c because of the conversion conditions.

    The BDL's need to hit 4c to get my interest again, so I'll be staying clear for now. I must say however, they have been sold down rather savagely over the last year, so if this rally is the real deal, could be some money to be made...and judging by the volume and rise, there may actually be something in this one!

    Good luck everyone.


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