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good hdr annual report

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    Just feel this time is the 'classic crouch before the big bounce',having read that Uganda will be drilled in late 2005 and cash flow is just around the corner.Over 3m. shares and increasing HDR shorts tell me the derivative guys are about to get blown out of the water.I have no sympathy for them and in fact have bought another 30,[email protected] $1.98,now hold well over 1m.
    I have read nothing to divert me from my belief that $4-$5 will be closer to the mark,as HDR start production and target their other plays with double the present equity.Traders as usual,will make the pennies,but leave the pounds on the table.Insto's will go for the next WPL,once the OIL STARTS FLOWING ,remember the extra $U.S.30 plus per bbl,goes straight to the bottom line.
    Now HDR closed @$2.47 just 4 weeks ago,stale bulls have departed,plenty of competing shorts,Uganda spuds,Guyanne plans announced,cash flow begins....fasten safety belts,do your own homework,I've done mine.
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