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    re: good day even better tomorrow / johnel hey J,

    you and about a million other RRS traders ... :-)

    I feel the same ... that's why I'd like to see things settle a bit. That cliff still represents to me a potential plummet to 3.7. It may not happen ... I hope it doesn't. But today's trading was still volatile.

    To me ... it's still hard to know where things will settle. The market can be very impatient, and unforgiving. But it's also unpredicatable.

    So ... what am I saying??? Well ... we hope the lab will return great results from drilling. BUT, to trade on the basis that it will is gambling, coz we don't know for certain, despite a good preliminary report. If we did know ... no-one would be selling!!! Healthy skepticism in the market is not a bad thing.

    Having said that ... traders who can manage risk best will make most money.

    To me ... all the chart says is ... "that's a bloody big gap so be careful". At the moment ... it's NOT chart trading.

    Anyway ... that's my 2 red wine's worth of ramblings for tonight :-D

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