The Pitjantjara are a corrupt communityLately there are more...

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    The Pitjantjara are a corrupt community
    Lately there are more bizarre decisions

    The closing down of Grasshopper and Mintabie
    (opal patches on APY land, about 40-50k
    west of Marla Bore - on the track)
    was another
    dog in the manger decision.

    Blacks never venture in this area,
    but some whites were making a living.

    The caravan park where I lived outside Mintabie roadhouse
    (think: hotel sly grog, gambling, few prostitutes, plenty ganga too)

    The caravan park had another distinction - water
    There was no hot water, no cold water, no drinking water
    but plenty of lukewarm artesian bit salty bore water.
    Millions of bullants.
    Wanted to move van to new site
    Hotel store had run out of fly spray.
    Had to wet ground with petrol to walk on it
    so scary.

    We used to work on the opal mine early morning and dusk
    high 40C in middle of day
    Sometimes played SlipperySam, Solo for money at night
    a/c in hotel.

    The latest APY manager has turned things around and has a new contract.

    It is important that Aboriginals get to manage their own affairs
    without the rivers of gold from the Feds
    which corrupt any individual effort.
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