Good article on climate model accuracy

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    some very good stuff, based on a recent paper, worth a quick read in it's entirety
    "no, climate models didn't overestimate global warming"

    conclusion is
    "So climate models may not provide the perfect picture of what will happen to temperatures in a given short-term period (on 10- or 20-year scales). But maybe they simply can’t, due to the random ways in which climate can temporarily fluctuate. That doesn’t mean that climate models aren’t valuable to us. They still give us good sense of the long-term picture, the one that is more important for us to worry about anyway: that temperatures are increasing, and that natural factors can’t explain this increase."

    Now we'll get the usuals rushing in with the bogus blog charts trying to prove it wrong
    get it published fellas.
    If your arguments had a shred of evidence to back them you'd be the hot news in climate science, but you are not.
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