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    Bid to Buy Ericsson NZ`s Intnl.Data Services Business


    HOMEX - Perth

    Tennyson Networks (ASX: TNY) today announced a major step towards
    growing the company into a substantial business after reaching
    conditional agreement to acquire the New Zealand-based Data Services
    division of Ericsson Communications Limited.

    "It is expected that in a single stroke this will turn Tennyson into
    a significant business operation with annual revenues of
    approximately $30 million, strong cash flow and profitability, as
    well as a vastly more diversified product range and revenue stream in
    aligned businesses" said Tennyson Chairman, Mr Harvey Parker.

    Ericsson's Data Services business, based in the New Zealand city of
    Napier, designs, markets and supports a range of high speed broadband
    internet products for international markets.

    The division is profitable, with established products, a solid
    distribution chain and a blue chip customer, Poland's national
    telecommunications company. Over the past three years the business
    has generated more than $100 million in international sales. Tennyson
    believes there is great potential to penetrate other markets in
    Europe, the UK, Asia and Australia.

    Mr Parker said, "For Tennyson, this is a low risk and highly exciting
    opportunity because the end sale price is linked to success. It's a
    structured purchase. The initial cash outlay is expected to be
    between $1 million to $1.4 million. The balance of the purchase price
    will be linked to the ongoing sales."

    Mr Parker said the acquisition offered a win-win opportunity for all
    concerned. It builds on Tennyson's existing core competencies in
    voice, data and internet areas.

    Ericsson Data Services (EDS) has a highly acclaimed R&D team in New
    Zealand with related competencies to those currently existing within
    Tennyson. The entire EDS team is being acquired by Tennyson, as part
    of the Agreement.

    Until now, Tennyson's core product range has been the Smart Office
    eXchange (SOX), a converged voice and data platform. The company has
    considerable R&D expertise in this area and the internet skills of
    the Ericsson Data Services team will enhance the overall R&D
    capabilities considerably.

    The Data Services division has developed technology which includes
    Ericsson-branded Synchronous High-speed Digital Subscriber Line
    (SHDSL) and Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) products,
    which are installed inside local network exchanges by
    telecommunications companies so they can provide broadband internet

    Under the proposed arrangement, Tennyson also gains a patent for IDSL
    technology and believes there is considerable scope for further
    product enhancement tied in with the growth and penetration of
    internet services.

    Over the post 18 months Tennyson has been restructured, appointing a
    new chairman and independent directors. The focus is now on building
    a substantial and profitable business capable of growth and
    expansion, including compatible acquisitions.

    Mr Parker said the purchase of the Ericsson business would provide a
    platform for further acquisition opportunities in related fields,
    which the company intends to pursue.

    Tennyson and Ericsson have entered into a Heads of Agreement, giving
    Tennyson the right to continue negotiating for the purchase of the
    Data Services business on an exclusive basis until 14 February 2003.
    The Heads of Agreement is conditional on Tennyson satisfying all
    conditions by close of business on 28 February 2003. If all
    conditions are satisfied, the effective date of acquisition is 1
    January 2003.

    Contact details for Tennyson:

    Harvey Parker, CHAIRMAN
    Mobile: 0412 597 223

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