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    Just been reading the posts of the past few days and there is a group laying claim to the high moral ground and there is a group defending their exhuberant contributions to this forum.

    I would not know of too many members on this sight that do not direct attention towards a stock which they have a vested interest or wish to have an interest and considering the majority here are traders with a very small trading window there would be a finantial incentive to create an environment which raises the level of interest which may influence the trading in a stock, be it negative or positive.

    If you have missed an opportunity it is easy to challenge a post displaying positive sentiment towards that stock and call it ramping, but the majority of time it is merely exhuberance and nothing more and is easily recognised. We should all apply due diligence prior to a trade and for those that don't, it's at your peril. We needn't try to protect a fool and his money because they will be parted soon enough regardless.

    The postings which are a concern are those where claims such as, association with a facility associated with a clinical trial, knowledge of illness within the management ranks of a listed company, close relationship with a doctor involved in a clinical trial and claiming to be a fund manager. These claims are designed to add a heavy weight to altering the market sentiment of a stock and are usually made once a stock has moved from a trading range earlier than anticipated.

    Gominer, these are your claims.

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