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    Hello peoples.

    Most would know me as a person who at times annoys others sometimes because i always tell it as i see it.

    I have been following the recent debate on vcr with interest.

    in my experience and having been following gominer`s trading pattern for a number of years, my conclusion is for what it is worth:

    Gominer has obviously missed the run in vcr, i am aware that this person has contacts in the medical profession, in fact very close contacts but it appears was unprepared for the run to start this early.

    Most would understand how a person feels when they have targeted a stock for a long time but through no fault of their own mis-times their entry.

    I am sure we have all done it at some stage so please be considerate.

    My views on vcr:

    I dont have a view even though i have known the stock since 1996 when it was still called micro medical and have a work colleuge who is still holding 300,000 of them at 6 cents and i intend to stay feindly with him.

    good hunting
    cheers dave
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