VCR ventracor limited

gominer, i will protect you

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    against all the evil that lurks here. Do you want me to appear at the police station with everyone else from here?

    I mean well but am slighty retarded. I like VCR and want it badly, why did they dump on it on Friday?

    I have an old car and a bung leg but some good mining shares. I just want everyone here to be in harmony and chill out a bit.

    You certainly are on a mission at the moment with wild accusations, it certainly is fun, never a dull moment.

    Do you watch that show on TV called the Pretender where this dude who was brought up in a place called "the centre" can be anyone he wants to be?

    Are you Gominer?
    I am today

    I wish you well and hope that the diagnosis is medically correct and treated rapidly and effectively.

    I do.
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