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    re: gominer ego maniac gominer
    i have not posted 1 bad word against vcr however it is still speculative still imo

    1st you lied and downramped vcr being as close to vcr as you stated

    2nd i am at pressent not in vcr nor have i ever been

    3rd i have no intention of buying vcr at present

    4th the stocks i am in atm have better leverage

    5th you stated infront of 30 odd traders that you would attack any stocks either i or others owned

    6th you also stated you would start a smear campaign against our names ( which you are doing atm )

    7th qtm !!!!!!!!!!!! and you sold and didnt hold

    8 th you then show no compassion what so ever for those that lost $$$$$$ infact you laugh at them re qtm

    you seriously do have an ego problem and imo have no conscience nor compassion for your fellow man

    i always try and be unbiased but in your case i find it harder to be each yr
    you ask for charting advice as you can not chart . when a charting opinion goes against a stock you own you abuse the chartists ,you have a tantrum you then double your ramp efforts as you fully realise you will lose money . however you heed there advice and sell .
    or buy as the case may be
    you then have the temerity to abuse good advice

    daily i see people realising what your like and still you continue
    keep going i say the more the merrier

    thanks for not attacking gdp gradipore
    a few had a giggle over that re your comments of a few months ago , i can only conclude that you have bought or a family member has

    now as stated befor
    i wish all vcr holders well and especially the patient .
    i hope you guys make a lot of money and vcr saves many lives . i may buy in the future i have not decided as yet

    regards gaga

    have a nice weekend
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