goldtown lament (poem)

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    There is blood on the streets of gold town....
    the shopkeepers have panicked, found nowhere to hide...
    They scatter and sell, trying hard not to frown
    a temporary correction, they cried,
    but could only see red
    On the screens, in their eyes, the fear took hold
    Could it be believed? it was happening too soon
    what did I do wrong, was I far too bold?

    Was Christmas, and Santa fading away?
    the buyers dried up, but the shops had to stay
    they dropped prices, a bit, but still could not sell
    so they dropped them some more, grabbed cash,
    took a run for the door
    We're going away, buy some gifts for the kids,
    while I still can, before I am poor
    I can't bear the stress, I should give it away
    but I know they'll be back, it could happen today

    We'll look back in time, on the day it took hold,
    the dread in their eyes, the markets gone cold!
    Do I follow the crowd, dump my stock, shut up shop?
    or sit patient, and wait, it can’t continue to drop!
    After Christmas, they’ll come, fattened up and relaxed,
    looking for bargains, eager, and heavily cashed
    Then I’ll smile in glee, cause at least I have stock,
    while other shopkeepers, scramble and hock
    what little they’ve left, has gone up a lot!
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